Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Joint Statement From Rep. Krusee and Rep. Gattis on Failure Of HB 2 & HB 3 Yesterday

Click here for audio.

Or as the Taylor Daily Press puts it in this article House kills school bills:
Representatives Mike Krusee and Dan Gattis both cast "no" votes.

The vote on House Bill 3, the bill designed to lower school property taxes by raising the sales tax and closing business tax loopholes, failed by a vote of 124-8, with seven legislators casting "present" votes and 10 others absent. On the motion to send House Bill 3 forward, Gattis voted "no" and Krusee voted "present."

Neither Gattis nor Krusee was available for comment regarding their votes on the bills.
Then the Speaker blames it on school superintendents:
"The school superintendents beat people up on this," Craddick said.

Dr. Bruce Scott, superintendent of the Taylor ISD, said that a big concern for superintendents is the "unfunded mandates" in HB 2, which require additional expenditures without providing funds to pay for them.

He said Tuesday that a $1,500 pay raise for teachers included in the proposal would have eliminated a $500 stipend for health insurance. That stipend was cut from $1,000 during the 2003 legislative session.
Didn't Republicans used to scream their heads off about "unfunded mandates"? I guess that's gone the way of term limits.


At 7/27/2005 8:42 PM, Anonymous TXMadDawg said...

And from the companion article about changing bus times to save money in the Taylor Daily Press:

<<"That helps us when our budget is tight," he (Taylor ISD superitendent Dr. Bruce Scott) said.

Moving the school start time will have an impact on families, he said, but it may not be negative.>>

If, IF, education is the most important job of a society, why in the world is the budget tight? We manage to raise the pay of judges (and coincidentally, the retirement of legislators), but a school has to eliminate eight buses and their drivers (jobs), and deliver kids from the same family to school an hour and a half apart? And because the legislature can't get its act together, the school is going to pay teachers to babysit those kids? Bah! A pox on both their houses.


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