Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Rep. Krusee Leaves Constituents Thinking He Doesn't Work For Them

Today I was alerted to an editorial by what I will call a concerned citizen of Williamson County. The editorial is entitled, Krusee should protect interests of constituents . To me that is a sad title. I say that not to disparage the writer but because that is the state of our representation in Williamson County. That we have to remind our representatives in an editorial that their duty is to the constituents! I said it before and I'll say it again, this is what happens when there is no accountability in government. This was written by a resident of Coupland which in the recent past, "..has been one of the most extreme rigidly Republican strongholds ever to be encountered". One would think, that being the case, that the Republican leadership in this county would be responsive to the residents of Coupland. If you read the editorial you will see that, sadly, is not the case. Here are a few key parts of the editorial:
Rarely have I heard the words, "I don't know," more often than during the June 27 town hall meeting hosted by the Coupland Civic Organization to discuss proposed rail lines through the Coupland area. The guest speakers, County Commissioner Frankie Limmer and Wendy Reilly and Jason Nelson, chief of staff and legislative aide to Rep. Mike Krusee, were consistently unable - or unwilling, as has been speculated by many in the community - to provide any information about prospective routes or timelines for the proposed rail lines.


One would think that our elected officials would be doing everything in their power to protect their constituents from such a fearsome local and national climate. Unfortunately, they aren't.


After sponsoring all of this legislation, one would think that Rep. Krusee would be keeping pretty close tabs on the actions that TxDOT has been taking after being granted so many new powers. Judging by the meeting in Coupland ..., this is not the case either. Staff members from Krusee's office were unsure of where the rail line would go - other than somewhere between two old rail lines located along Mopac Expressway and SH 95 - and unaware of even the most basic timetable for when construction would begin.


Instead of authoring bills that will help facilitate the destruction of this beautiful and historic area and turn "miles and miles of Texas" into miles and miles of asphalt and railroad ties, he (Rep. Krusee) should be doing things that benefit the communities he serves.
Go read the whole thing it's great. Thank you Margaret Garry for writing this editorial and thanks to that concerned citizen for letting me know of this.


At 7/06/2005 4:44 PM, Anonymous Theresa Cooper said...

What's terrible is that either way -- whether it's because Krusee's staff and aides don't KNOW or because they won't TELL what they know -- the people of Dist. 52 are the ones who suffer from Krusee (et al) either not caring enough to keep up on things like this or not caring enough to be straight with their constituents.

There HAS to be a point that everyone reaches where they just plain get tired of not being shown any respect and being treat like a schmuck!


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