Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It's Not An End But A Beginning

There will be many editorials written in the coming days with words like "“confusion"”, "“melt down"”, "“implosion"”, "“disaster"”, etc.. in the title. All of those words accurately describe what happened yesterday on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives to the Republicans and Gov. Perry's plan in particular. For those that want real tax relief – meaning a fair and equitable tax system – and school finance reform, it's not an end but a beginning. Like a drunk or drug addict before they can start the rehab process for real, they have to hit rock bottom. If this isn't rock bottom for the Republicans and their tax/school finance scheme it can't be far off now.

The best analysis I've seen so far is at Greg's Opinion. It's long but well worth it. Here is an excerpt:
With HB2 dead in the tracks, HB3 (the tax bill) was next in line for the firing squad. Here, at least, Perry did realize his dream of consensus ... a mere 8 State Reps voted FOR the bill. Yep ... 8-128, with the bill's author voting against it. That may be the biggest statement made of the entire special session. Pinky's right... 8 votes does not repartisansrtisanship.
This goes back to the things that the Democrats said last week: They (the Republicans) can't even agree among themselves and it's hard to pass bad public policy. All Republicans in the house were enamored with the IDEA of passing true property tax relief for their constituents until, I'm sure, they started to look at what they would have to do to replace that money. As the property tax relief became less and less and the taxes on their constituents - not those that finance their campaigns - became higher, it took away any political advantage for them. Their ability to go home and tout this plan in their next campaign on the stump became worse and worse. In fact it would probably have been used by their opponoffern an effor to defeat them. Why would they pass a bill that may cost them their house seat? There is the dilemna for the Republicans in the house. Go with the governor and your slit your throat or hold out for a plan that will actually address the problem. They chose not to go with the governor.


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