Saturday, July 16, 2005

Senator Ogden Fears Voters May Want, "A New Sheriff In Town"

Obviously he hasn't seen this blog yet. If he had he would know that to be a fact. Here is the rest of the article, Leaders running out of time for school finance deal
A serious, prolongued dispute at this late hour could be a killshot, but Keffer said he would rather do nothing than pass a bill just as a political exit strategy.

"We know time is of the essence here in a special session, but just to do something to do something, I think would be wrong for the state of Texas," he said.

Nor, suggested Ogden, would it do politicians much good. Calling the legislation a "transition plan" at best, Ogden said he feared that passing it might lead Texas voters to conclude it's time for a new sheriff in town.

"I frankly fear going into the next election and telling the voters this is the best we can do and this is all we can do. `vote for me' " he told reporters.
This just underscores the point that if they get this "plan" through the legislature that it's only a band aid, at best. That being said no matter what it is a campaign issue and it will be on the agenda next session.


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