Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A New Grassroots Site Everyone Needs To Visit

Step Up Texas. Here's Their Mission:
We're Texans. We talk big. Now we are asking Texas Democrats to put their big talk to action. It's time for everyone in the party to step up and take Texas back. We believe success in the voting booth will be found by recruiting and running strong candidates in every race on the ballot in 2006. And we believe the conversation to find and encourage good Democrats to run should be expanded to include all Texas Democrats.
Williamson County's two house candidates are there. You can write your own endorsement for them. They also need help with the county races. If anyone knows all the county races that will be on the ballot in '06 please help them out. It's another opportunity to get the word out about Williamson County Democrats.

  • Conversation - An open forum for Texas Democrats to discuss their potential candidates.
  • Nomination - The opportunity for anyone to suggest a good Democrat run for any office.
  • Persuasion - Inspire nominees to run by endorsing those Democrats with concrete pledges of support.

Spread the word!


At 7/14/2005 12:38 AM, Blogger Wilco Democrat said...

Thanks for posting this website. Happy that there are plent of Republicans NOT running unopposed, but there are still so many races that need a Democratic candidate!!


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