Friday, July 01, 2005

It Appears John Sharp Will Run For Governor

Burnt Orange Report: John Sharp to Enter Race

Off The Kuff: Sharp to enter the race?

Here's my comment which I posted at BOR:
Last week in Williamson County we heard Chris Bell speak and the way he took it to Perry and the Republicans is nothing I've ever heard from John Sharp. Sharp was a good Comptroller but since then he has always ran away from Democratic principles and tried to run the same as a Republican just that he's a Democrat. We now know that is a sure loser every time for a Democrat in Texas. I also think that if Sharp changes his tune now and tries to run as a progressive just because others have began to reform the Democratic Party in Texas to something other than Republican light would be a hollow strategy. I would welcome a primary battle because the Democrats need all the exposure and scrutiny they can get but at this point I am very skeptical of John Sharp. I think the only reason he's not a Republican is because Perry beat him to it years ago. Chris Bell has begun the process of separating Democrats from Republicans on many issues and I think his message is solid.

Please comment. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.


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