Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Deal....What Deal?

Charles Kuffner has all the state-wide newspaper reaction, Deal? No deal? Who knows?. He also links a to a Express News editorial that reiterates something I've been saying for a while:
After watching this governor and this Legislature over the past few years, we sadly have reached the conclusion that they are unable to govern effectively.
Burnt Orange Report has the timeline for the rest of this special session House Bill 2 and 3 Weekend Round Up ***Update***
***Early Morning UPDATE***
Well, it seems the I's have be dotted and the T's crossed. As had been mentioned in the comments, it is believed that Speaker Craddick is going to "let" the Republicans vote their districts on HB 2 thereby dooming it. HB 3 is said by the Statesman to contain a .75% raise in the sales tax. The Senate has vowed to reject anything over .5%. HB 2 won't be eligible for a vote until Wednesday morning and HB 3 won't be eligible for a vote until Wednesday afternoon (unless 2/3rds vote to suspend the rules). It remains to be seen what the compromise is and the threat of a filibuster still looms in the Senate over HB 3. Unless a miracle happens it seems that this special session was for naught. It seems the only thing that was proven is that still nobody likes the proposals that were introduced during the regular session.

Tick, Tick, Tick...
This is like Texas weather though, wait an hour, it'll change.


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