Friday, July 29, 2005

Do You Live In State House District 20?

If you do and you want someone in the state house that will fight for you Jim Stauber is your man.
  • Fight against making existing highways into toll roads.
  • Advocate the fully funding of C.H.I.P'¬ís.
  • Support the right of workers to organize and join unions.
  • Stop the environmental disaster of the TT-35 Corridor plan.
  • Toughen our environmental laws.
  • Advocate honesty & integrity in state government.
  • Create a climate for more and better paying jobs through education & training.
Come support Jim Stauber on Saturday.

For directions and more info click continue reading.

One of you suggested I provide directions, which is a smart idea I overlooked earlier: (I believe these directions are if you're heading south on IH-35)

Picture IH-35: Once you hit Georgetown, get in lane for the Williams Drive exit. Turn east onto Williams and get in second-most left-hand lane. At the intersection with Austin Avenue, turn left (north) but get in right-hand lane for quick turn onto Stadium Drive. Once past the stadium, turn left and follow that park road until you see the Gazebo (looks like big bandstand) on your right. As to parking, it may be that you'll be closer to the Gazebo if you continue on the park road until it turns back in the opposite direction. MAP

This is also another opportunity to whet your appetites. We have some world-class chefs on the briskets, among them Paul Stempko, J. P. Malus, and Jim Stauber himself. Courtney's adoptive mother Joyce White is making her famous barbecue sauce and potato salad, the kind you always wish was served at functions like this. Yours truly is doing up the beans which even vegetarians can partake, using varieties of capsicans from her own organic sus frijoles a spicy kick but rest assured even kiddoes can enjoy. Plenty of bread, sliced onion and dill pickles. Dora from Taylor--not even a resident of Jim's district but still a fan and always a dedicated Dem has made cakes like you wouldn't believe. O,Yummy, some goodies for your tummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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