Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Texas Parent PAC Web Site

Here's the link, Texas Parent PAC. Here's what they're all about:

What is a “PAC”? How is Texas Parent PAC organized?
A political action committee is a private group organized to raise money and make contributions to the campaigns of political candidates. A PAC typically contributes to candidates who share its viewpoints and policy concerns. Texas Parent PAC is organized as a Texas general-purpose political committee and is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in Texas. The PAC will file public reports of its contributions and expenditures with the Texas Ethics Commission. Contributions from individuals are unlimited; however, the PAC cannot accept contributions from corporations or labor organizations because it will support candidates.

Contributions are not deductible on federal income tax returns.

Anyone who makes a contribution becomes a member of Texas Parent PAC. Members will receive communications about PAC campaign activities via email.

What are the values of Texas Parent PAC?
We are loving parents united by traditional mainstream American values that honor and support families, faith, communities, freedom and democracy. We are committed to all the children of Texas, as they are our future, and their need for high-quality public education must be met. Representative democracy is based on trust, and parents historically have trusted state legislators to consistently vote in the best interest of our schoolchildren. Unfortunately, many Texas lawmakers have betrayed that trust, which is why Texas Parent PAC was created. We value the freedom for parents to recruit legislative candidates who are moral, public-spirited men and women committed to invest in public education. Texas Parent PAC members will raise and contribute campaign funds, volunteer in primary and general election campaigns, and go to the polls and VOTE. It’s the American way!


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