Sunday, July 24, 2005

Two Must Read Editorials

These two editorials tell the tale of why we are where we are today in the state of Texas. It's the infusion of corporate cash into our government and the inability of the people that corporate cash paid for to fix our schools. Last week in this post, A Problem Of Historic Proportions, I pointed to a Texas Observor article that showed why Texas was setup not to have corporate cash in it's politics and that they a good public education was a number one priority. These two editorials show that the current leadership in Texas is doing everything they can to make sure both of those are no loner the case. Enjoy

Perry, Legislature lack real will to redo school funding
The three or four Texans who may think another special session of the Texas Legislature will actually improve the public schools are fooling themselves. So are people below the highest income brackets who expect their overall tax load to be noticeably lightened.
Paying a premium to ensure victory for the Texas GOP
The Texas Association of Business might have given Texans an unintended look at just why there is a law against corporations contributing to political campaigns. And if it beats back all the civil lawsuits and criminal investigations, consumers will discover what living under a corporately controlled state government is really like


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