Thursday, July 28, 2005

Support Paul Hackett

Inspired by Greg Wythe when he bestowed the title of Honorary Texan on
Paul Hackett, Texas Bloggers, led by Burnt Orange Report, Off the Kuff, PinkDome, and Greg's Opinion are calling today
upon all Texans (and friends of Texas) to join ranks and donate
towards the very cause we have been arguing for this past week- Run
Everywhere, because it's what our Party and our Democracy needs.


His success is our success, not just as Texas Democrats, but as
Democrats period.

"Paul Hackett is hereby granted "Temporary Texan" status from now and
election day in the Ohio 2nd (August 2). I'm pretty sure I have no legal
standing whatsoever to convey Texan-ship, but who am I to let that stop

Certainly not us Greg. So join
today, in a special edition, Texas Thursday, for Honorary Texan
Paul Hackett. Let's roll.

The Republicans are up to their same ugly shenanigans in this race. They are trying to smear this former soldier like they did John Kerry, Swift Boating of Hackett Kicks Into High Gear:
Eric Minameyer, an advisor to Jean Schmidt (Hackett's opponent), was just the beginning of the "swift boating" of Paul Hackett in what appears to be a coordinated effort by her campaign. Upon arriving at Hackett HQ this morning to take some photos and videos, I was shocked to hear that the deplorable tactics have been taken to a new level in the past 24 hours.
All of this just because he's running as a Democrat! Please help him in any way you can.


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