Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More On What The Senate Did

I love it when I start reading an article and I just about spew my coffee all over my computer screen. The one I'm talking about right now is this one, House and Senate say they're close, but a deal is far from done. A bland enough headline. Then I read the first paragraph:
Lawmakers have not yet decided how much they will cut school property taxes or raise consumer taxes, but businesses and their lobbyists seem almost certain to be among the big winners of this year's debate over school funding.
Now correct me if I'm wrong but I thought this was about giving homeowners a tax break and fixing our public school financing. Not making lobbyists and businesses BIG WINNERS! The main thing to remember in all of this - and I'm sure most of you already know this – is that whenever one of our state leaders speaks about trying to help “homeowners” they are full of it. When they pass bills like this where the only people it benefits is those that make $100K plus it does nothing to help “homeowners”. Everytime that homeowner buys something now they will be paying more. And all we have is Senator Ogden's promise that if he is named the Chair of the Senate Conference Committee he will everything possible to make sure it stays a ½ cent raise. That makes me feel better.

It was Lt. Gov. Dewhurst who has allowed this to happen. He cast the deciding vote on the business tax amendment and he essentially caved in to the Speaker Craddick and the Gov Perry. So much for the Lt. Gov. protectin thhe people of Texas.

When this special session started I thought the best outcome for those hoping to change the current leadership in this state would have been for them to pass nothing. Now I think the best thing for those looking to change the current leadership in this state would be for them to pass something that is just a give-away to the rich, like what they currently have. That would be something very good to use against the current leaders in a campaign.

Editorials On What The Senate Did (click continue reading)

San Antonio Express News
Lawmakers failing crucial tax bill test
A House-Senate conference committee will soon be trying to work out the differences in tax bills passed by the two bodies.

The job will be about as pleasant as a day of shoveling in a stockyard. Both bills are hopelessly flawed. Neither offers any hope for true reform or equity in the state's tax system, or to provide adequate funding for public schools.
Houston Chronicle
Swallowing a nasty pill
By mandating sizable property tax reductions that benefit upper-income homeowners and businesses the most while raising consumer taxes that hit middle- and low-income people the hardest, lawmakers have taken a low road that guarantees a replay of the debate two years from now.
Austin American Statesman
All in the name of cutting taxes – for some
The Texas Senate works a very odd schedule these days. It convenes at 2 on a hot summer Sunday afternoon, but doesn't do anything for six hours. Then, senators walk in from backrooms, argue over a tax bill until 3:34 the next morning and finally vote something out.

Maybe they were just too embarrassed to do it in daylight.


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