Monday, July 18, 2005

Williamson County Judge John Doerfler Is Prepared To Borrow Money For Projects

Last week in my post about last week's Commissioner's Court meeting it was becoming apparent the county doesn't have enough money to cover it's needs. So this, County may borrow for projects, should not come as too big a surprise to anyone that reads this blog. It's just part of the trickle-down effect of Republican tax policies. If there is anyone out there that still believes that a government can bring in more money by lowering taxes it's long past time to give up believing that line of bull.
According to Doerfler, the county could use bond proceeds to restore the courthouse, a project funded in party by a state grant. Originally projected to cost $5.5 million - with $1.5 million coming from the county - the project cost estimates have steadily moved upward and now stand at $7.5 million or higher, meaning the county could spend at least $3.5 million.

In addition to the courthouse project, the county will probably need to spend more than $4 million to upgrade the radio system used by sheriff's department officers and other public safety personnel.

"Besides the radios and the courthouse, we need to pay for a new animal shelter, the county annex in Round Rock needs to be expanded and we need to pay for the property and annex that's going to be built in Hutto," Doerfler said. "That's just too much money to take out of the operating budget."

Doerfler said as the budget process progresses, he's going to propose borrowing money as the way to keep the general fund budget within projected revenues while still getting the needed projects completed.
The things in bold are upgrades for "Homeland Security" reasons.


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