Friday, July 15, 2005

Plenty Of Meat Left On The Bone

Charles Kuffner has a great post on where we stand at this point in the special session, How's that joint committee process going? A couple of days ago I said this,
”When this special session started I thought the best outcome for those hoping to change the current leadership in this state would have been for them to pass nothing. Now I think the best thing for those looking to change the current leadership in this state would be for them to pass something that is just a give-away to the rich, like what they currently have.”
I think I'm going to revise that to either way there is plenty of meat left on the bone to chew on after this special session. If they don't pass something then we are back to square one. If they do pass something it will be so bad that maybe people will finally be willing to listen to sane ways to fund our schools in Texas.

Check out Rep. Villarreal's letter to his 18 month old daughter, Dear Bella
Dear Bella,

On Monday, I voted against House Bill 3, the tax bill I’ve been working on for two years. Though you are only 18 months old, I want you to hear from your father what went wrong and how it’s going to affect your future.
This and more from Latinos For Texas Blog are part of the Charles Kuffner post. I just wanted to make sure this was seen.

As Charles mentions Craddick has been working over Dewhurst again and again on this and if anyone thinks the House is going to compromise I wouldn't bet on it.


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