Friday, August 12, 2005

Any Long Time Williamson County Democrat Know This Guy?

Eric Kirkland running for county judge:
Eric Kirkland, who is self-employed in the finance and real estate industry, said he'll run in the Republican primary. A native of Central Texas, Kirkland said he attended public schools in Leander, Round Rock and Georgetown.

"I'm very familiar with the area," he said.

Kirkland said his previous political experience involves running for Williamson County clerk in 1994 on the Democratic ticket.
I'm assuming he lost. It also looks like between then and now he was captured by the Ayn Rand Institute and had all his Democratic thinking erased:
He outlined three issues he'll be discussing during the campaign.

"First, we need tough spending cuts, the elimination of debt and long-term tax cuts," Kirkland said. "Our county debt exceeds 324 percent of our annual budget, and that's a ridiculous and backwards way to finance government."

Kirkland said he'll campaign on a promise of tax cuts.

"My campaign is at the tip of the iceberg of the largest tax revolution of the 21st Century," he said.
Now I don't want to throw cold water on his campaign but if we have all this debt and he wants "long-term tax cuts" I think we need to know exactly what this guy is going to cut. Now, we all know how great the current Republican agenda of tax cuts has worked out for our national deficit, I'd hate for our county to wind up in the same shape. If that isn't bad enough he then goes on with this:
He also said the county needs quality development.

"The increased congestion we're experiencing on roadways around Williamson County is the direct result of a lack of leadership and a surplus of excuses from the county commissioners, to city councils and the state legislature," Kirkland said.
Now I'll be the first to agree that we need new leadership in this county. But how in the world is he going to fix/fund the congestion problems when he has cut the budget to the bone? Well as most conservatives say they are for roads and defense and maybe even schools sometime, so I believe this means that any social spending done by the county would be virtually eliminated by this guy. I am also assuming this guy will not be taken seriously by the Republican Party in Williamson County or most who vote in their primary either.


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