Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Few Excerpts

Tired of being the headquarters of the Thank God for Mississippi Committee

We've got a 19th century tax system funding a 20th century school system, and Rick Perry's 21st century solution to all this is to tax exotic dancers or candy bars or bottled water depending on which day of the week you happen to speak to him.

Government can't raise you kids and shouldn't try.

So I'm going to make a Pact with the Parents of Texas and we're going to do it by applying something as radical as common sense to the way the world really works.

We're going to do this by making sure insurance companies stop robbing us and start covering us including, by the way, every single kid in Texas.

We're going to help you protect your kids from crippling credit card debt.

We're going to make it a crime fro someone to sell our kids content in a video game that they couldn't sell them in a Playboy magazine.

We're going to reduce the number of abortions in Texas by telling our kids the truth about how not to get pregnant in the first place.

We're going to cure disease by letting stem cell research our of the abortion wars and into the research labs.

And, best of all, we're going to make Texas public schools the best in the country by letting teachers teach our kids something more useful than how to take yet another standardized test.

We need to start with the insurance lobbyists. Insurance companies are ripping us off. They're keeping about 70 cents of every dollar we pay them, overcharging us by about $4 billion a years , and covering less and less all the time. As governor, I'll appoint an insurance commissioner who will make them lower their rates, putting $600 for each home and $200 for each vehicle back in our bank account where it belongs.

And one way we help parents attain financial freedom is by making sure Texas doesn't lead the nation in the number of uninsured. Families without insurance don't go without healthcare. They must also go to emergency rooms and get the most expensive, fiscally irresponsible health care imaginable - and the costs get passed onto local taxpayers.


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