Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Take The Easy Way Out

If you've lived in Williamson County for a while I'm sure you've been regaled over and over with all the conservative Republican rhetoric of how they are for smaller government and they are fiscally conservative. As I recall the problem always was all the "programs" that Democrats had created that were stealing our tax money and giving it to undeserving people. Wasn't that one of their main culprits? Well now that they are in charge and they have to govern and they have done their best to kill many of those "programs" why is our county budget coming up short? This article sheds some light on it, County's proposed budget growing
Williamson County's budget for the next fiscal year potentially grew by another $1.6 million as a result of a workshop Tuesday afternoon, and County Judge John Doerfler said the most likely way to address any shortfall will be to use the county's reserve funds.
Boy have workshops gotten expensive. So what does the County Judge propose to do about it? Get to work, poring over the budget. Cutting here, cutting there, saving where he can, just like a good conservative would do, right? Nope he's gonna take the easy way out?
According to Doerfler, there are three ways to bridge the gap.

"We could cut the budget by $3 million, raise taxes by that amount or take the money out of reserves," he said.

Doerfler indicated he favored taking the money out of the county's reserves, which currently stand at more than $19 million.

"It would be the easiest way to do it," Doerfler said.
My oh my, you don't usually see that as part of the conservative talking points. Don't get me wrong, this money is needed, especially for employee pay raises to help them pay for the rising cost of living, especially gas and healthcare. No matter what the President says about the state of the economy there are many people hurting in this country. I just think that it is pretty funny that for all the conservative ramblings about how they can govern better over these many years that when faced with a budgetary problem they decide to take the easy way out.


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