Sunday, August 07, 2005

FAQ On The Legislature And DraftJohnSharp(?)

The San Marcos Daily Record has a little question and answer article today about where the legislature stands, School finance session leaves Texans wondering. And it starts with the best question of them all:
Q: Why are lawmakers still in Austin?

A: They have about two weeks left in the current 30-day special session. That's not much time for a bill to make its way through both chambers, but Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Gov. Rick Perry both say they want to keep trying. House Speaker Tom Craddick, who leads the House, said this week that lawmakers are getting nothing accomplished and that the session has become a waste of time and money - about $1 million. Without his cooperation, it would be difficult to pass any legislation, no matter how much time is left.
Check out this article, THE INSIDER from the Star-Telegram. It has some good info including news on the site. Also there is a possible challenger to Speaker Craddick and former Rep. Frost is after Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, congressional record as, "an 'astonishing record of betrayal' of the Democratic Party.

More on the possible Sharp campaign. To me it looks like Sharp is trying to jumpstart one of those, "If the people of Texas want me to run, I will run," campaigns. This is what Greg has been able to dig up so far on the Draftjohnsharp web site:
What's really interesting about the site is that it's registered privately. Funny, I would have thought that a site encouraging others to leave comments with, presumably, a real name to denote REAL support would at least have the wherewithal to have their REAL name left on the domain registration.
Knowing all of that there is absolutely nothing wrong in my opinion with Sharp getting in the race and maybe having to run in a Democratic primary where we might actually get to hear John Sharp talk like a Democrat instead of like the I'm a Republican with a D after my name candidate. Kuff has the best take on it:
That said, and speaking as a Chris Bell supporter, I say come on in if that's what he wants. Having a contested primary means news, and that means more coverage for the Democrats, who aren't in the position to generate it on their own for the most part. Ideally, it means one more person out there making the case against Rick Perry. Finally, if Bell isn't the candidate that I think he is, better I should find out now than next August. Sharp isn't my first choice to be the nominee, but he's still a million times better than Perry, and that's what it's all about.
He would be much, much better than Perry.


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