Monday, August 15, 2005

The New Williamson County Elections Administrator

Williamson County has hired Cliff Borofsky as the new elections administrator to start August 12. The elections administrator is responsible for voter registration and the conduct of elections in Williamson County and will have an opportunity to recommend a new voting system for the county that meets HAVA requirements. The position has been advertised since January.

Mr. Borofsky graduated from Dartmouth College in 1971 and, during 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, he served as counterintelligence and security officer in Asia and Europe, an assistant professor of French, Political Science and Ethics at the Air Force Academy, director of advanced training for the Air Force Security Police Academy, and chief of research and program data for the Air Force Management Engineering Agency. He also has taught Texas and American Government for seven years in the Alamo Community College District, and he has a master’s degree in International Relations. He has worked on community education and training issues through UTSA and Project Quest. In 1997, Cliff became the elections manager for the Bexar County Clerk, and in 2001, he was selected as the elections administrator for Bexar County. Mr. Borofsky is well regarded among his peers in the elections industry and has brought many upgrades to the voting process, including the successful implementation of the electronic voting process in Bexar County.

Mr. Borofsky is a member of the National Elections Center, a nationally Certified Elections and Voter Registration Administrator and member of Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Kappa Phi, two education honor societies. He has made presentations to state and national elections conferences, urban management groups, national training foundations, and community development organizations. He has published several papers including the relationship of education to voting patterns in Bexar County, and he has completed research in various areas including training and education issues in Hong Kong, United States operations with South Korea and West Germany, and manpower planning for Desert Storm.

Elections administrator is a new position previously handled by John Willingham who was both director of human resources and elections administrator for the county. Mr. Willingham now will hold just the position of director of human resources per his own recommendation to the Commissioners Court made while planning this year’s budget.

“Williamson County now has more than 320,000 people and is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States, so we need an elections administrator who dedicates 100% of his time to the position and are very pleased to have someone with Mr. Borofsky’s experience,” stated John Willingham.


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