Thursday, August 25, 2005

Flippity Floppity

For years and years we've heard this Republican sham argument that they are for local control, local control, local control. Well I guess they were for local control only when they didn't control the state government. Now, they've flip-flopped, Perry on Schools: Governor evidently doesn't trust local districts:
Meanwhile, it was odd to see a Republican governor telling local schools how they must spend their money. Only a few years back, then-Gov. George W. Bush made his mark arguing for local control of schools. Evidently, Mr. Perry doesn't share the same trust of them. His office says he's only calling for what those schools are saying themselves. But if that's the case, why give them one more mandate, particularly one that doesn't match the realities of managing a school district?

Buses face higher fuel costs. Health premiums keep rising. And there are the costs of personnel like librarians that don't directly connect to the classroom.

The best way to view the governor's move is through the prism of his re-election campaign. After four failed sessions on school funding, he wants to look like he's doing something about our schools. It's too bad he's out of touch with them.
It's not just the governor the Speaker's been doing it too, Perry joins Craddick in the blame game. That's two out of the "big 3". This is more evidence of why one-party government is bad, no checks and balances. Also it's just arrogance and a feeling that they can do whatever they want without consequence. Is this going to incense Republicans and make them vote against these people? Nope, they will go along with what these people and their campaign contributors tell them to do. The people that are voting for these people don't care that the schools are getting worse every year, or that we can't provide healthcare for children. All they care about is that gays can't marry!? The Republicans, in Texas and nationally, haven't had to pay for going back on their word at the voting booth or for what they've done to the poor and middle class, yet. That is what needs to change, now!


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