Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Hill Country News Needs Some Letters About This

As I was checking out the area papers I came across this article from the Hill Country News, Zimmerman stands for Texas, not taxes. For those of you that don't know Don Zimmerman - no not the former Chicago Cubs coach, that was Don Zimmer - announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination in state House District 50. The seat is currently held by Mark Strama. It's a very humorous article, especially the way it starts:
Don Zimmerman's campaign for the State Legislature's House of Representatives District 50 seat is officially only five days old and he's already sniffing out possible enemies and sneak attacks on the horizon.

The first few sentences out of his mouth in a telephone interview Wednesday evening were about the "communists" and "pinkos," his words for liberal Democrats, and their biting written attacks on "Left Wing" blogs this week.

So far, they've called him a nut - a right-wing nut job to be exact - among other jabs to his character and political agenda.
My first thought after reading this was, "Holy sh@#! Archie Bunker is running for the state house". The article then continues for quite a long time redundantly stressing how Mr. Zimmerman thinks that all taxes are bad. Blah, blah, blah with not concrete statements about what will happen after he's done away with all the taxes. I know it's early in his campaign and he probably doesn't even know yet what his plan is but this just seems ignorant to me. Now I'm not saying that this man doesn't have the right to feel and say what he has it's just not very realistic that this man will get much help and support from his fellow Texas Republicans and his agends much less in his own county and district. He is expected a primary challenger and a nasty, personal campaign to win the primary.

I guess my main problem with this article and my call to write letters to the Hill Country News is for a few reasons. First the papers slogan is this:
Proudly Covering Cedar Park, Leander and the U.S Highway 183 Corridor Since 1967.
District 50(.pdf) does not reside in Williamson County or in Cedar Park or Leander. It does follow 183 south of Williamson County for a little way but the majority of the district is well east of 183. I don't see why so much attention has been given to this Republican candidate in what is probably a tiny area of their circulation when you take into account that when I searched the archive of their paper there is nothing returned when you enter either "Jim Stauber" or "Karen Felthauser". These are two challengers that announced there intent way before Mr. Zimmerman and their districts cover considerably more of the circulation area than Mr. Zimmerman's. The only explanation I can come up with is that the Hill Country News is a right-wing newspaper. I surely hope that isn't the case but at this point I can't explain that any other way. Why else would they completely ignore the two Democratic candidates right in their own backyard? If I'm wrong please let me know but I say some letters asking these questions are in order.


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