Monday, August 22, 2005

The Governor And His Pals

The Statesman today has an article on how Governor Perry has been using friendly radio stations and DJ's to get his excuses for failure out to the masses.
He jokes with drive-time hosts and talks as much sports as politics. Of late, he's been heard to say he's worn out from the Legislature's failure to advance school finance and tax plans despite his setting such a goal in three special sessions dating to April 2004.
But let's not forget they're politicians and they can't just go on any show:
Yet officeholders have to hunt for the "right environment — either a compatible talk host and/or station," Taylor said. "Putting a politician on the air in front of a hostile listenership could be brutal."
They wouldn't want to be asked any serious questions. So they pick out a few shows where the hosts are either friends or awed:
His hosts didn't inquire into legislative doings. Perry touched instead on his enjoyment of bicycling, his admiration for University of Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido and men's swimming coach Eddie Reese and his own adventures in the Air Force, where he said a big concern for him and other pilots spanning the globe centered on where they could cash a check once they landed.
Of course I'm sure that's really what the people of Texas need to know from the governor.
But there's something about radio, especially morning shows such as "Sam and Bob in the Morning" on KVET, that revs him up.

Cole, who calls himself a Perry pal and supporter, said such appearances are smart politics.

"The wise politico likes a talk-show format because it gives them an opportunity to use their sound bites and express their thoughts," Cole said, adding that when listeners "hear someone in a more casual environment" such as talk radio, "they're more willing to buy in."
Sounds more like a free campaign commercial to me. Sound bites or talking points? What I take from this article is that the governor likes going on radio shows, blaming others for failure, talking with his pals and not having to discuss anything of substance. Interesting.


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