Wednesday, August 24, 2005

BRAC Recommendations Came Down Today

Closure of Naval Station Ingleside recommended. Here is what Sen. Hutchison had to say about it:
Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison disagreed with the Ingleside vote, saying she didn't think the Pentagon was paying enough attention to security in the Gulf of Mexico, where several oil refineries are located.

"With the terrorist threats that we're seeing crop up in different parts of our country, the Department of Defense should be more of a partner in our homeland defenses," she said.
Well, I guess the Minutemen will have to work overtime Senator. What about Fort Hood?
Also Wednesday, the commission approved a Pentagon proposal to move the 4th Infantry Division headquarters and a combat brigade from Fort Hood to Colorado.

The 4th Infantry was headquartered at Fort Carson from 1970 until 1996. Even with the change, Fort Hood in Killeen will still have five combat teams. It's expected to have a troop strength of about 41,000.
Here's what John Carter had to say:
"We exhausted all avenues available to express to the Commission that the DoD recommendations were not justified and require the reckless spending of tax payer money," Carter said in a statement.
So much for the argument for that electing Republicans, and because they are in the same party as the President, Texas will be safe. That was back in LBJ's day, not Bush.


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