Monday, August 15, 2005

A Few More On Chris Bell

Here is the text of his speech, A Pact with Parents.

And more coverage:

The El Paso Times, Houston Democrat to run for governor
Outlining his pact with parents, Bell said he would make sure all Texas children are insured, reduce abortions by teaching children to avoid pregnancy and fund stem cell research for curing diseases. Most important, he said, was his promise to make Texas public schools the best in the country in 10 years.
The Statesman, Democratic hopeful talks about insurance, schools and sex ed.
But he charged Perry with steering a "cynical partisan agenda" atop the "most corrupt state government in a generation."

Luis Saenz, Perry's campaign director, declined to rebut specifics but suggested Bell might have to hurdle Kinky Friedman, Sharp and Strayhorn in the Democratic primary (although Friedman is an independent, and Strayhorn's camp says she hasn't looked at entering the Democratic fray).

"He's got a long way to go," Saenz said.
News 8 article, Governor's race a tough challenge for Democrats
"The Democratic party is going to have its own internal conversation about where to put very limited resources; whether to put them in a governor's race that's clearly an uphill battle or to put them in some legislative races where they probably have a greater likelihood of success. But it all boils down to money," political analyst Harvey Kronberg said.
I'd like to think that once the Democrats in Texas pick a candidate for governor there will be money available. You have to love how Perry's people are trying to push Strayhorn and Kinky off on the Democrats. I think Kinky only runs as an independent and Strayhorn ain't comin' back. So there will be a Democratic primary and it will be Bell vs. Sharp, in my opinion. I think that is why no elected Democrats showed up yesterday. They are sitting on the fence waiting to see what happens.


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