Friday, August 05, 2005

Who Should Pay?

So with the governor's 2nd special session ending the same way the first did--in disaster--the question becomes who pays for the complete and utter waste of time and, especially, money? I was listening to some local Austin radio on the way home from work earlier this week and a Republican from Williamson County had called in. He was saying - I'm paraphrasing from memory - that the governor will not pay because all the Republicans in Williamson County know the governor tried and it was the legislature and in particular the Democrats and Sen. Whitmire's filibuster that prevented a deal from being done. Now, if that is true then the Republicans in this county may be just a bunch of sheep. I don't believe that's true, the part about the Republicans in Williamson County not blaming the governor, that is. Unless they're not for accountability, like they say they are. Remember, before all this started the governor said he wouldn't call a special session on school finance and property tax relief unless he had deal. Then he did it anyway because he was worried that his challengers would rip him for not tackling the issue. The other part of what he said is that the Democrats are to blame. Well, we all know how inane that argument is. If that was true, all they had to do was finish the job in the first week of the second special session. We all know how that turned out. If the Republicans could agree among themselves, a deal would have been done a long time ago. The governor knew that before he called any of the special sessions and that makes all of this his fault. The only question left to answer is will he be made to pay for it, trying that is? Yes he should and that's our job, to make sure he pays for it. g


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