Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Recent News

Williamson County approves budget
County Court approves $88 million budget
"I guess we have to say we've adopted this budget in the dark," Boatright quipped, before he joined three other commissioners in approving the $88,639,187 price tag for county services, costs met by $84,290,523 taken from revenues and $4,298,664 taken from the cookie jar.
OffTheKuff shows us that Barbara Radnofsky is finally getting press
Well, what do you know? Someone in the media has discovered that Kay Bailey Hutchison is not running unopposed next year
It's a good article but the end I think is bad when they mention that local officials are behind Hutchison and they quote Rep. Lamar Smith and the head of the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. Why didn't they ask someone that's not a Republican?

Two from this weekend about Chris Bell's appearance at the Rural Texas Democrats Summit, Chris Bell Brings Down the House
and Democratic Governor Hopeful Rallies Party To Improve State.

The Statesman does an article on Gov.Perry's 65% voucher scam
Little-known group has run commercials backing rule
A First Class Education memo obtained by the Austin American-Statesman lists a series of "political benefits" of putting the 65 percent plan on the ballot. The memo says the plan will create divisions within education unions as dollars flow from administrators to teachers, and it says the plan will divert dollars away from other political goals of the "education establishment."
The more I see of this the worse it gets. This is a scam just like supply-side economics.


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