Sunday, August 14, 2005

Late Night Thoughts On Chris Bell's Launch

Chris Bell's campaign launch today was another step for him in his effort to bring progress to the state of Texas. As Greg points out the early returns from the MSM are lacking in substance. I think the one thing I heard at the blogger table that I can't get out of my mind was when the question was asked, "are there any elected officials here?" I don't believe there were. It would have been nice to have seen elected Democrats at the rally.

Chris Bell, at this point, is still fighting a recognition battle. I think it will end shortly, either with a primary or as the primary competition to the governor. One way Chris Bell is trying to get recognition is by going everywhere. Check out his schedule on his web site. When is the last time we've seen a candidate showing up at these types of events. I know we loved having him in Williamson County. He's already working hard to be the governor and I believe he will work just as hard as the governor.


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