Sunday, August 07, 2005

Here's What You Could Have Had Instead...

..of two special sessions, What can you buy for the cost of one special session? I'm sorry for two special sessions just multiply by 2 all that is menioned here. Did you know this?
Every day the Legislature is in session, lawmakers and the lieutenant governor are entitled to $128, meant to cover expenses such as housing and food.

The stipend — just raised this year from $125 — supplements lawmakers' state paychecks of $600 a month.

Total estimated expenses for the House and 31-member Senate also include extra staff, such as chamber doorkeepers, and the cost of a weekly trip home for lawmakers.

"The money could have certainly been better spent if more time had been spent building a consensus within the education community around a bill," said Richard Kouri of the Texas State Teachers Association.

"It's hard by any objective measure to look at the time and energy and resources expended and come to the conclusion that it was worth it."
What a waste!


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