Monday, August 15, 2005

Make Time Tonight For This Meeting

Tomorrow night the Texas Democratic Women - Williamson County Chapter, will host John Stauber - candidate for State House district 20 and Mary Beth Harrell - candidate for Congress District 31 - at their meeting.

Here are the details from Gretchen Froehler:

TDW's meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday 16th) at the Round Rock Library (see link above for address) at 6:30 pm has turned out to be sorta special. Our own Jim Stauber and Mary Beth Harrell are both going to be there to give us pep talks and then, I hope, a sorta round table with the 2 of them leading. HOPEFULLY we will have some of our Precinct chairs there and any others who are interested.

Anyway, please all of you, pass the word that Mary Beth requested meeting with us -- she is a really neat lady!! I think it will be a fun evening with her and Jim both there!!


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