Friday, October 21, 2005

Baxter's Out, An Opportunity In Travis County

Our neighbor to the south is going to have an open seat come November 1st. Here is the Statesman article on this, Baxter to give up his House seat Nov. 1. The Burnt Orange Report has Rep. Baxter's statement linked. Baxter used the classic, "...spending more time with my family" excuse. This, obviously, is politics pure and simple and he was told/ordered/forced out by his party. He was a sure loser in 2006 with his DeLay taint. Here is the key paragraph from the Statesman article about the qualifications of the Republicans preferred successor:
The special election could play to Bentzin's advantage by disrupting the fundraising schedules of the Democrats, who were planning on running in the March primary and November general election. Bentzin can pour his own money into a special election -- as he did when he ran for office in 2002 -- and still have plenty to spend in November.
Ah yes, he's got his own money. That's the best asset for any Republican candidate. Will any other Republican in Travis County run for this seat with a candidate with that kind of resume on his side?

Here are the websites for the Democrats running for this seat:

Andy Brown

Donna Howard


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