Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mental Health Unit/Constable Wrap-Up

This is hilarious. Constable Gary Griffin gives commissioner Lisa Birkman what she wants and now she's mad about that but Mr. Griffin isn't taking it sitting down. Here is the story from the Hill Country News, Constable abandons mental health:
A press release issued by the county accused Griffin of "“abandoning this part of his duties"” and that his refusal to handle mental health "“created a crisis."

"“It's not a crisis,"” Griffin countered. "“Any peace officer can do what I can do - that's what they said in meetings. The sheriff's office has 80 officers trained in mental health, ready to go. Why would there be a crisis? And doesn't it make financial sense?"

Griffin stated his office has decided to focus on complying with a request by two commissioners that his deputies focus on warrants and civil process, their "constitutional duties,"” as identified by Lisa Birkman, Precinct 1 commissioner.
If you haven't had enough of this story here's more from the Taylor Daily Press, Sheriff gets mental health duties, its got one more great quote from Mr. Griffin:
"“It is small-town politics run amok,"” he said.
Yessir, that's a good quote but you got one thing wrong. Williamson County is not small-town anymore, it's big money now. This was a power play to transfer that money from the Precinct 1 constsables office to the sherrif's office and Mr. Griffin was, unfortunately, got caught in the middle.


At 10/26/2005 9:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I was excited to see a blog for Democrats in Williamson County, but boy did you get this one wrong.

Can I expect to hear that every deccision made by the County is going to be wrong because it's run by Republicans? If that's the case, then this will be my last viewing. I know we don't like to all be painted with the same brush - do the same to them and you just look as partisan as they are.

The fact that you have Griffin coming out smelling like roses in this speaks volumes about how much you really know about Williamson County.

At 10/26/2005 10:04 AM, Blogger wcnews said...

Great to see your comments. I am more than willing to accept the fact that I got this wrong, I have only worked with what I've seen in the papers. I would be more than willing to post the other side of this argument. Instead of just telling my I'm wrong please explain to me why I am wrong. You could even create a blogger account and you can post here, if you're a Democrat.

Don't expect the partisanship part to change though. I'm not against decisions because they're Republican, per se, I'm against them because I think they're wrong. This blog has always been meant to be a conversation and I welcome any criticism and comments. Thank you for the comments.


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