Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mary Beth Harrell Officially Launches Campaign

Killeen Lawyer Takes Aim at Tom DeLay While Announcing Bid to Unseat Carter:
"It's time to send someone to Washington who will put our priorities first and Tom DeLay's priorities last," Harrell declared, promising to fight for "integrity, accountability and faith in the future" if elected to the Congressional District 31 seat, which stretches from Williamson County to Fort Hood and on into north Central Texas.
[UPDATE] Article from the Killeen Daily Herald, Harrell running for Congress:
The race for the District 31 congressional seat just got bipartisan, and Democrats are hoping to tip the scales of politics.

Mary Beth Harrell of Kempner threw her name into the ring Tuesday, stopping in Killeen and Round Rock to announce her candidacy.

“A lot of us do think the country is headed in the wrong direction,” she said. “We need to turn that around.”

Harrell, 48, said her interests mirror those of middle-class Americans like herself.

“I am just like anybody else,” she said. “Too many of us have stayed too silent too long.”

Concerns about why the war started, when it will end and how to avoid a similar conflict in the future were some of the issues the military wife and mother talked about.

She also expressed interest in helping create an affordable health care program, lessening the pressure of gas prices and questioning the tax breaks that major corporations are allowed.

“We pay our taxes. They need to pay theirs,” she said.
[UPDATE] Short article here but has video, Attorney announces her candidacy for District 31


At 10/12/2005 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How refreshing it will be to have a representative again in Washington who cares about us and will not embarrass us by spending all his time on national television defending an indicted political bully.


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