Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mike Krusee and The November 8th Election

State Representative Mike Krusee used his taxpayer funded franking privileges to send me and many of his constituents, I'm sure, a voter guide for the November 8, 2005 election. He was nice enough to highlight three propositions he is most concerned about. Those being Propositions 1, 3 and 9. It's not hard to see where his allegiances lie, taxpayer give-aways to corporations and unaccountable boards.

Proposition 1 is a microcosm of the whole Trans-Texas Corridor scheme. The idea has some merit but the implementation is horrible. Unlimited state debt obligations to pay to move corporate rail lines, into rural areas without their input, so the current lines can be used for some to-be-named-later transportation project. Sorry, it's too vague and unaccountable for me to vote for.

Proposition 3 is unnecessary and is an overreaction to a judges ruling about a shopping center in Bee Cave to protect tax incentives for developers. He also overreacts with his uber-protection of Dell as a excuse to make people think that someday a judge would take away Dell's tax incentives. I don't think so. More on this from my post back in April, Our Commons.

Proposition 9 proposes to increase the terms for Regional Mobility Authority (RMA) board members to 6 years and stagger them. 6 years is at least 2 years too long. The longer the term the less accountability there is. I would think about 4 years but no more.

He made no comment on Proposition 2, which more than likely means he knows that everyone in Williamson County knows his for it.

If you're wondering why Mike Krusee is for all of these toll road financing and RMA board protection schemes maybe this has something to do with it, SPEAKER ANNOUNCES HOUSE APPOINTMENTS TO THE STUDY COMMISSION ON TRANSPORTATION FINANCING:
(AUSTIN) - Today, Speaker Tom Craddick (Midland) announced the Texas of House of Representatives appointees to the Study Commission on Transportation Financing.

"For the past fourteen years the state's commitment to funding for transportation projects has taken a back seat to other funding priorities," Speaker Craddick said. "This commission should help identify new priorities and efficiencies in transportation planning for the state."

Rep. Mike Krusee (Round Rock) will serve as a Joint Presiding Officer of the Committee. Other appointees include Rep. Warren Chisum (Pampa) and Harris County Judge Robert Eckels
Mike Krusee in charge of state transportation funding? Participation payments for everyone!


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