Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Chris Bell Points Out Perry's Insurance Backing

One of the things I loved about Chris Bell's announcement speech was the part about insurance companies:
My Pact with Parents starts with doing everything I can to reform the most corrupt state government in a generation. Corporate cash is infecting our elections, and corporate lobbyists are stopping any chance of progress. We must demand political reforms to make our campaigns and our government more transparent and accountable. We can reclaim the courthouse square of state government, coming together in the public space that Rick Perry and his lobbyist friends have polluted with their cash-and-carry corruption.

We need to start with the insurance lobbyists. Insurance companies are ripping us off. They’re keeping about 70 cents of every dollar we pay them, overcharging us by about $4 billion a year, and covering less and less all the time. As governor, I’ll appoint an insurance commissioner who will make them lower their rates, putting $600 for each home and $200 for each vehicle back in your bank account where it belongs..
I learned from my Father early on that insurance companies are the biggest crooks there are. He taught me we are mandated by law in many instances to have insurance and that many lawmakers are in the insurance business and therefore if not always, most of the time, the laws are written in their favor. So Chris Bell taking on insurance companies really endears me to him and his campaign since politicians on either side are unwilling to take them on. Because it's dangerous and invites the big money to come after him. It's very good to see and I say keep it up! Insurance agents [heart] Rick:
Do you think Rick Perry has done a good job on insurance reform? We have the highest homeowners insurance rates in the country. Texas Watch has a study showing that when you look at homeowners and car insurance rates, we're being overcharged by $4 billion a year. So while you and I probably think Rick Perry has done (What's the phrase I'm looking for? Oh yeah.) a bad job, the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas think he's just peachy. One more reason not to vote for Rick Perry.

The full email from the IIAT president is after the jump, but I don't know what's funnier: the fact that Rick Perry's blog is "members only," or that someone is congratulating Rick Perry for "common-sense leadership".
Click the link above to read the email.


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