Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Help "No Nonsense In November" in Williamson County

We have friends all over the state and Williamson County is certainly no different. We have discovered that many of our friends work during the week in Travis County and may be better suited for weekend projects that actually keep them in Williamson County. We have nearly 100 volunteers who have signed up to Volunteer in Williamson County and you are one of them.

We have a particular outreach project that involves leafletting key areas in the Cedar Park and Round Rock areas. Our lead volunteer on this effort is Mary Wells who, along with another good group is ready to shake things up in Williamson County. Even if all you have is two hours to give, we have a way for you to volunteer.

This is a special appeal to please call Mary and take a particular leafletting assignment. Our goal is to make sure voters understand that ALL KINDS of families are affected by this horrible language, not just gay families.

Mary Wells: 512- 259-4598

Thank you for all that you are doing!


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