Thursday, October 20, 2005

Comments And Pictures From Last Week's Events In Williamson County

Comments and pictures by Theresa Cooper

From Mary Beth Harrell's Announcement

Making Her Case
Mary Beth Harrell with WCDP Chair Jimmy Rocha

The crowd was enthusiastically supportive of Harrell, coming to their feet in applause several times as she spoke about issues of concern to all Texans – health insurance premiums and co-payments that are not being eased at all by misguided TORT reform, the price of gas and no apparent commitment from those in charge to actually DO anything about it, the crippling War in Iraq and there not being any discernable plan for getting out, among other issues. Harrell spoke positively and reassuringly that America’s situation can be changed once we rid government of corporate and political cronyism and put people like herself who hold dear the idals of Integrity, Accountability, and Faith in America’s Future back in Washington!! There was also plenty of time allowed to talk one on one with Harrell who thoroughly enjoys speaking to constituents about what’s of most concern to them. It was a great kickoff to what will surely prove to be a positive, aggressive, and ultimately victorious campaign for Mary Beth Harrell and for U.S. Congressional District 31!!

From Saturday's Fundraiser

Jim Coronado, Candidate for the 3rd Court of Appeals Auctions an Item

The WCDP Blind Auction Fall Fundraiser, “Ready to WIN in ‘06”, was a rousing success! In all, 6 candidates of great interest to Williamson County/Central Texas spoke, including Barbara Ann Radnofsky, Mina Brees, Jim Coronado, Bree Buchannon, Karen Felthauser, and Jim Stauber. All were enthusiastically received by the large crowd in attendance. The dinner of home-cooked roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and banana pudding dessert was repeatedly referred to as simply delicious. The crowd quickly warmed up to the new twist on auctioning items and had fun listening to teasers and checking their programs to guess which ‘blind’ item was up for bid. At the end of the evening, the event had garnered rave reviews and WCDP had a healthy increase of funds. A good time was had by all!!

Pictures and comments from Barbara Ann Radnofsky's visit Saturday at her blog, be sure and scroll down to see all the pictures.


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