Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Jockeying In HD 48

Greg's Opinion has a great post on the latest since Baxter announced he is resigning, HD48 Special Election Flash. There is some Democratic maneuvering but there is also the timing of this and the timing of coming(?) special election that makes this a little fishy:
One tangential thought that bears some reflection here ... why is Todd Baxter's resignation setting off what seems like a speedy, quick call for a Special Election when there's no sign of a legislative session between now and 2007? I mean, the folks in Houston's HD143 have been without a State Rep since, what? ... April or thereabouts. And that was when Rick Perry knew darned well he'd be calling a special session.
A quick special election would tend to help out the person with the most money on hand. Like Ben Bentzin, GOP PLAYS GAMES WITH ELECTION DATES TO GIVE EXTREMIST A HEAD START:
Bentzin is a Dellionaire who supports taking money out of public education to fund private-school vouchers at a time when figuring out how to finance public education is the top issue facing the Legislature.
Isn't that interesting?


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