Monday, October 24, 2005

Ben Wear On Proposition 9

Here is his article from today, Term limits of unendearment on Nov. 8 ballot. It appears he's trying to keep from taking a position on this proposition. He's laying out the arguments for and against. But near the end of the article he makes a case for the six-year terms:
County commissioners and the governor appoint the board members. Given the high-profile and controversial nature of toll roads, it's unlikely that board members are going to take actions that their overseers violently oppose. And if any of them do, it's a safe bet their six-year term would get shorter in a real hurry.
The only problem with this argument is that in a county like, say, Williamson and in Texas for that matter without, at least at this time, a strong opposition party the board members, nor the elected officials, are fearful of being unseated and therefore that six-year term just insures their unaccountability and their continued corruption.


At 10/24/2005 9:55 PM, Blogger Sal Costello said...

Here is the weak argument Ben Wear claims we have:

Proposition 9 allows a bloated bureaucracy of non-elected, therefore unaccountable Regional Mobility Authorities (RMAs) extended terms as they privatize and toll the public highways we've already paid for.

Comptroller Strayhorn's report ( exposes the RMA's Double Taxation, unaccountability, conflicts, and board members giving NO BID contracts to their friends and themselves.

What the hell, maybe we should give them 10 years...

behind bars.

Sal Costello


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