Monday, October 03, 2005

Jane Van Praag's LTE On Proposition 2

Opposing Proposition 2

Sadly for human history there was a long horrible time when those who favored their left hand were put to death; even in the late 1930s when I was born, children were still being punished for using other than their right hand for holding forks or pens. Fortunately, my parents were liberal enough (define that as loving enough) that they allowed me to be me.

Once grown, but for clerical oversight, I would have been denied my first full-time job, as a key-punch operator, because the prevailing thought was that left-handers wouldn't be as proficient on machines designed for the predominately right-handed population. As it turned out I led all the others in both speed and accuracy.

From my own experience as a south-paw, I perceive that those who would deny full citizenship to homosexuals--including the right to marry--are fiercely clinging to remnants of ignorance (and the hate ignorance fosters) to the shameful extent they will abuse the teachings of Jesus in order to have their beliefs become law. I urge those with loving hearts to vote against Proposition 2 in November.

Thank you,
Jane Leatherman Van Praag

Go to NoNonsenseInNovember to see what you can do to work against this amendment. Check out this video from the Austin Alliance for Social Justice.


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