Sunday, January 01, 2006

Commissioner Candidates and The TTC

Since posting the Williamson County Sun article last week on the Democratic candidates for County Commissioner, Precincts 2 & 4, we have been several comments to the post from readers wanting to know the candidate's positions on the TTC. While I have not had the time in the last week - family considerations during the Holidays - to get their positions on the issue I do have a few points of my own to make.

I understand the concern of those in the greater Precinct 4 area to know what Brig Mireles' stance is on the TTC, and to a lesser degree Michael Hofmann's, and it is important to address these concerns before the voters commit to supporting these candidates. I realize that the reason so many of you are eager to know this is because of the way you have been let down by your Republican representation. I remember many of you telling me about the meeting on the TTC where Rep. Krusee sent his minions to the meeting, and they couldn't provide the answers to your questions. Neither could Commissioner Frankie Limmer. I believe these candidates will be forthcoming - and soon - about their position on this issue. I believe Mr. Mireles signaled his stance in the Sun article when:
He said that environmental issues, including the county landfill and water quality, will be central in his campaign.
There is no bigger environmental issue facing Williamson County in the near future than the TTC.

But I would like to make another point. The Republican Party in Williamson County, and in Texas to a greater extent, is responsible for the TTC. If you expect to keep electing Republicans and for them to change their plans for the TTC, you are fooling yourself. Their main focus is their purported "economic development" projects like this. We know whose economy is being developed, and it ain't mine and it ain't yours. It is more likely that the current elected Republicans in this area are simply a rubber-stamp for those who pay to keep them there.

That said, I give you the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has always been the party of the people. We are trying to bring the party back to prominence in Williamson County. If you want to make sure that these candidates' and the Democratic Party's position on the TTC is in line with yours, you're going to need to get active. Come meet these candidates and help them get elected. Become a Democratic Precinct Chair and begin organizing your community to vote Democratic. What I'm saying is that with 10 months until the election, YOU can help make the Democratic Party in Williamson County what it needs to be in order to elect candidates who will do the "will of the people."


At 1/03/2006 5:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have not supported any of the candidates that are pro-corridor and now none of the people who did are going to either. We in some grass roots organizations are not going to vote party ever again we will vote only for candiates that actively voice their opionion against the corridor. In Hayes, Travis and Williamson Countys Prop 1 and 9 were widely defeatly and we are making ourselves known. There are currently job postings for TTC 35 on line as we speak for environmental engineers, civil engineers and now even on Christmas day there was a posting for an engineer for economic developement I will send these to this website if need be. We all write to each other on a regular basis and I sent all of them this website and an email with all of the candidates listed here
Thank you


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