Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Couple Of Action Items (Tom DeLay and A Fart Joke)

First, the Houston area TV stations appear to be running scared of Tom DeLay. The Agonist has the details, Tom DeLay Bullies . . .:
. . . a Houston TV station into silence. At least that's what it sounds like to me. I called (713) 222-2222 and got connected to Ed Ortelli's office (sp?) and spoke with his assistant. I asked a few questions like: "why are you refusing to run a factually accurate ad about Tom DeLay? How many calls have you received? Can you tell me then if you've gotten a lot of calls or just a few?" To all of these questions I received a simple, "Sir I would be happy to put you into Mr. Ortelli's voice mail" to which I stated: "that isn't going to do much good. So you are just going to stonewall this?"
There are numbers to call to express you distaste. My suspicion is that it probably didn't take much pressure for the stations to give in.

More from Pink Dome, Oh C'mon Now.

Second, if you know a good fart joke you can win free tickets to a local performance of "Inherit The Wind" about the Scopes Trial via Grits For Breakfast, Special promotion: Share fart jokes for tickets to Darrow drama:
So that's how we'll decide the giveaway -- the person who submits the best fart joke will win two tickets to their choice of Saturday's shows. Email your jokes to me at shenson(at) along with your contact information, and I'll post the winner and selected runners up on Friday. (Be sure to put "Darrow or "fart joke" in the subject line, tell me how to reach you, and also which show you'd like to attend.)
Good luck!


At 1/13/2006 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes Tom Delay. Perry's best friend and another chronie of the Bushes. My my, I wish Delay would pull Perry down with him. I wonder how we can expose Perry's corruption too. Does anyone else have any good ideas on that?
I do know one thing there is an excellent article on the web that won a pulizer prize for journalism in Spring of 2005 about corruption in Union Pacific and it named Cheney? Would anyone like the website?


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