Tuesday, January 10, 2006

County Republican Candidates Speak At Forum

Candidates kick off primary season:
Candidates for several races in the upcoming March 7 Republican primary participated in a forum at a luncheon in Round Rock Monday.

The event was sponsored by the Williamson County Republican Women and was held at the Wingate Hotel.
Check out what Rep. Mike Krusee had to say:
“I've voted my principles,” Krusee said, “and I haven't worried about trading my vote for such things as committee appointments or chairmanships.”

Krusee said he's worked to do things truly needed in the district and “not to just bring home the pork, like funding statues of hippos in Hutto.”

Regarding public education, Krusee said his focus is on cutting property taxes and not injecting more money into the system. He criticized his opponent in the primary, Barbara Samuelson, for saying in a press release she would seek more money to improve public education. Samuelson was not present for the forum.
Yeah, he doesn't bring pork to Williamson County, he sends it to Spain.

Only one County Commissioner candidate mentioned the TTC according to the article:
In literature he circulated at the meeting, (Bobby) Seiferman proposed formation of a county ethics review commission, a mediated settlement on expansion of the county landfill north of Hutto, and a resolution against location of the Trans Texas Corridor through eastern Williamson County.
That probably knocks him out of the running on the Republican side.


At 1/13/2006 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm Krusee is in more trouble then he thinks he is in. As a matter of fact he will have folks working against him in areas that are not even close to his district. He is deep in you know what. He and his friends Delay and Perry and all the bunch of land grabbers, real estate developers think they can pull this off they are sadly mistaken. The big money lobbyists have had their day now it is ours.


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