Friday, January 27, 2006

DeLay Isn't A "Regular Guy"

Doesn't this, DeLay appearance cost Fox $14,000, run contrary to media attempts to make Tom DeLay out to be a "regular guy":
Four days after U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay's stunning indictment last September in Travis County, the political talk show "Fox News Sunday" trumpeted an exclusive interview with the combative Texas Republican.

Unsaid, but revealed in documents DeLay later filed in the U.S. House, was that DeLay's Oct. 2 appearance cost Fox News $14,000.

The money rented a private jet to ferry DeLay from a small airport near his Sugar Land home to Fox studios in Washington. The next day, after engaging in a give and take with host Chris Wallace, DeLay and his Capitol Police security detail were flown back to suburban Houston.
I thought this part of the article was too much:
There is no doubt that DeLay was the nation's hottest news commodity last fall.

Just indicted and forced to step down as majority leader, DeLay was in the midst of a media blitz, lambasting Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle as a partisan zealot. But those appearances were typically short interviews.

An almost half-hour interview with DeLay was a coup for "Fox News Sunday." But it's hard to say whether Fox got its money's worth.
Fox? A coup? If I'm DeLay and I'm going to choose one news channel to be on..I mean where else was he going to go?


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