Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Democratic Gubernatorial Race

Gammage kicked off his campaign yesterday. The Burnt Orange Report has all the details, Gammage Completes First Leg Of 'Set The Record Straight Tour':
Democratic candidate for governor Bob Gammage completed the first leg of his 'Set the Record Straight Tour' Monday following stops in Sugar Land, Beaumont, Lufkin and Longview before tackling Tyler, Texarkana, Dallas and Fort Worth on Tuesday.

In Sugar Land, the former Texas Supreme Court Justice lambasted Texas Governor Rick Perry and President Bush but reportedly said little about his Democratic Primary opponents Chris Bell and Felix Alvarado...
Chris Bell picks up another endorsement. This one from Rep. Veronica Gonzales:
My name is State Representative Veronica Gonzales, and I’m endorsing Chris Bell for Texas Governor because he offers Democrats an exciting, optimistic vision of the future that will show Texans that Democrats are ready to lead again.(Click on the link above to read her full endorsement.)


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