Saturday, January 07, 2006

No Surprise, Rep. John Carter Is Still Backing DeLay

This article in today's Statesman has this title and subtitle
Texas lawmakers split on DeLay announcement
Carter bemoans loss of Texas clout; Doggett says more House cleaning needed.
Which means it's just going to be another of the classic left/right, he said/she said, articles. The type of article that tries to take all our minds off the fact that this story is about an extremely corrupt politician being turned out by the party he was instrumental in bringing to power and instead tries to turn this into a partisan squabble. And it doesn't disappoint. It's pretty much worthless journalism. What did they expect Lloyd Doggett and John mean Carter to say? Here's what did Tom DeLay's underling have to say.
Rep. John Carter, R-Round Rock, said Saturday that DeLay's leadership loss would be a blow to Texas and that he was angered by fellow Republicans who had turned against DeLay and signed a petition calling for leadership elections

"Several people on that list, DeLay did a lot of work for," Carter said. "I think they should have informed Tom that they were going to call for new elections."


"Texas is going to lose an important asset," Carter said.
Tom DeLay's leadership loss would be a blow to Texas and he's an asset!? Is Rep. Carter too ignorant to understand that Tom DeLay's "leadership" and "work" is exactly why he's in this mess in the first place? And corrupt and possibly criminal conduct is not an asset to have in a leader. Now, with DeLay gone, we can to look forward to having fairly drawn congressional districts, politicians that don't funnel illegal corporate cash into our state campaigns and maybe, just maybe, having someone that represents US - the people of the United States - and not their paymasters.

But back to the article Rep. Doggett take it away:
Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin, whose district was directly affected by DeLay's influence on the state's redistricting process, said that DeLay's decision didn't go far enough.

"Cleaning up the pervasive culture of corruption in Washington requires more than shuffling the Republican leadership. It requires cleaning the House," Doggett said. "As long as DeLay wannabes are in control, America will suffer from their arrogance."
And to do that see below ("Run.Everywhere") and go here too, Not much of an article but it does highlight, once again, that John Carter is a DeLay man, through and through.


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