Friday, January 06, 2006

Rep. Carter Goes To The Border

John Carter wants you to believe he's tough when it comes to illegal immigration. That is why he goes on these kind of trips, Carter To Tour Border:
Rep. John Carter, R-Georgetown, joins Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff Friday on a tour of the Texas-Mexico border.

"This tour will give the members and Secretary an opportunity to see firsthand how recently passed border security legislation will help in preventing illegal immigration, holding lawbreakers accountable, and protecting American citizens,"” Carter'’s office said.

Texas Congressmen Kevin Brady, Michael Burgess, Henry Cuellar, John Culberson and Tom DeLay will also participate.
He's still haingin' with DeLay? John Carter wants to have an image of being against illegal immigration. The truth is he talks a big game but in reality all he wants to do is stand by inane ideas like building a fence and militias. The problem with immigration is a matter of supply and demand. Many businesses and corporations in this country prefer a supply of cheap labor therefore creating the demand for people to come to this country from places that are depressed economically. If Rep. Carter really wanted to keep this from happening he would do everything he can to bring better ecomomic conditions the the places where these immigrants are coming from and make it EXTREMELY unpleasant for any business or corporation that hires these immigrants. The only reason Rep. Carter is doing this is because this is election 2006's Republican wedge issue, gay marriage is no longer available.


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