Thursday, January 26, 2006

Filibuster Alito

This post was spurred somewhat by this editorial in the NY Times, Senators in Need of a Spine:
Judge Samuel Alito Jr., whose entire history suggests that he holds extreme views about the expansive powers of the presidency and the limited role of Congress, will almost certainly be a Supreme Court justice soon. His elevation will come courtesy of a president whose grandiose vision of his own powers threatens to undermine the nation's basic philosophy of government -— and a Senate that seems eager to cooperate by rolling over and playing dead.

It is hard to imagine a moment when it would be more appropriate for senators to fight for a principle. Even a losing battle would draw the public's attention to the import of this nomination.
I've had two thoughts on why I think the Democrats should filibuster Alito for a while. First if not a this guy than what does this President have to nominate for the Democrats to filibuster. It's not a threat unless you use it. And second make the Republicans use their "Nuclear Option" and that will show the rest of the country just how far they will go. It may even crack a few on the Republican side. If the Republicans resorting to the "Nuclear Option", coupled with the domestic spying scandal, doesn't wake up the people in this country to the Republican Party's lack of respect for the constitution then maybe we're too far gone already.

Brains and Eggs has more and who to call.


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