Thursday, January 12, 2006

More On TSTA & Carole ETC

Great analysis from The Jeffersonian, Meet Another Portion Of The Doesn't Get It Crowd:

If the groups whose mission and values are the same as those of the Texas Democratic Party wish to gain any semblance of relevancy in Texas, they're going to have to realize what we're trying to do here. The fact that the Texas State Teacher's Association has endorsed a Republican who still philosophically believes in school vouchers is ridiculous. It's akin to the Club For Growth endorsing Dennis Kucinich.

Once the truth starts to roll out about Strayhorn and vouchers, we'll also see just how much this resonates with their rank and file members. Might even hurt the TSTA "leadership" in the long run... and it should.
That is good stuff. If I was a member of the TSTA I would be pretty upset about my leader endorsing her long time friend this early in the race.

From the endorsement: ("“I'’ve known Carole since she was on the Austin School Board, and no one has been more committed to improving public education than she has over the course of her political career,"” TSTA President Donna New Haschke said.) It's who you know alright.

TSTA put out talking points on there endorsement.


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