Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Plea For Assistance In HD 106

(Kay Hubener is running for the seat that Republican Ray Allen resigned yesterday. If she can win and Donna Howard wins in HD 48 and combined with Ana Hernandez's win in HD 143 that will give us three more Democrats in the house than we had during the last round of special sessions. Please help is you can.)

[This is a message from someone not affiliated with the campaign and has asked that people contribute and volunteer. This message was not initiated by or approved by Katy Hubener or her campaign.]
Katy Hubener, Democrat for Texas House District 106 (Grand Prairie and south Irving), needs immediate support from all those concerned about the future of education funding and one party control over Texas government. The ‘allegedly’ corrupt, retiring GOP incumbent resigned abruptly amid whispers of fat lobbying contracts. The special election to fill the seat is set for February 28. Governor Goodhair’s February Surprise must be won by Katy Hubener, the only candidate on the March 7 Democratic primary ballot. She needs immediate contributions and volunteers to win.

This is Katy Hubener’s second run for this seat. According to an October 6, 2004 editorial in the Dallas Morning News:
Ms. Hubener favors an expanded business tax as key to reforming the state's school finance system….Ms. Hubener says she'd vote to restore funding cuts to the Children's Health Insurance Program….By way of background, Ms. Hubener has education degrees from Texas Tech and Claremont Graduate University in California. Ms. Hubener served until recently as executive director of the Blue Skies Alliance, pressing to clean Dallas-Fort Worth's air so that asthmatic children can breathe and businesses can invest without fear that Washington would restrict economic development. She resigned the post to run for the Legislature, but not before she'd developed a reputation as somebody who could work across party lines. No less a Republican than Collin County Judge Ron Harris lauds Ms. Hubener as "wanting to find solutions" and "being reasonable to work with."
Katy Hubener almost took the seat in 2004: she took 48% of the vote in her first run for office, losing to the 12 year incumbent by 1,841 votes.

Katy Hubener is endorsed in 2006 by former state Democratic Party Chairman Ken Molberg, former Democratic Congressman John Bryant, former state Representative Harryette Earhardt, former Dallas City Councilman John Loza, current Democratic state Representatives Terri Hodge and Jesse Jones, Grand Prairie former Mayor Jerry Debo, two current Grand Prairie school board members, and several Dallas county precinct chairs.

Dallas County voters are furious over the collapse of Parkland Hospital's finances and the dangerous health conditions of the county jail inflicted by the long time Republican reign over the County Commissioners Court. Reports of mismanagement at the Clerks’ offices are revealing multi-million dollar annual inefficiencies and rock-bottom county employee morale. Republican judges’ gross bias towards prosecutors in local criminal courts embarrasses even GOP activists.

Democrats in Dallas County are rising to the challenge. Democrats are running for almost every criminal, civil and family court judgeship for the first time over twenty years. Energetic candidates are running for the down ballot county offices like County Clerk, District Clerk, and Treasurer and some actually have multi-candidate primary races. Democrats stand an excellent chance of taking a majority on the County Commissioners Court and the District Attorney's office as well. The Coppell/Valley Ranch Democratic Club fills its private room at Kelly's Grill to overflowing at each bimonthly meeting (in affluent Coppell!). In Dallas County’s rapid shift from red to blue House District 106 will likely move to the Democratic column in November.

Now we must step up to the plate and keep Governor Goodhair from sneaking a new Republican incumbent into office at the last minute. Katy Hubener must turn out her voters a week earlier than other Democrats and then again on March 7. She may even have to turn them out again for a runoff to the special election after that.

Everyone who cares about how the special session will their tax bills to pay for their kids’ local schools should go to and donate as much money as they can to Katy Hubener’s campaign IMMEDIATELY. Come on, who can't afford $100? $50? Even $25? Compared to what you may wind up shelling out in new regressive taxes without Katy Hubener’s vote in Austin during the rapidly approaching special session it's a pressing investment in your future and the future of Texas.

The Katy Hubener campaign can be reached at: Katy for Texas, P.O. Box 542702, Grand Prairie TX 75054; 972-282-9301, fax 972-282-9302, Katy@ Katy for,


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