Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Good News In District 48

Last night's results in the HD 48 special election surprised quite a few people, especially this Republican consultant:
Political consultant and lobbyist Bill Miller, a close ally of some Republican leaders, described Tuesday's results as surprising because the seat was drawn in 2001 to elect a Republican. He said it could signal that good times are ahead for other Texas Democrats as they try to pick up seats in a Republican-controlled Legislature this year.

"She still has to win, and you have a runoff," Miller said. "But it's a big warning to Republicans to take a look at the issues that are surfacing in this race and how they play with the electorate."
The Burnt Orange report has more: Results and Analysis.

Special election results can be a preview of things to come and let's hope this election and other's like Paul Hackett's run for a congressional seat in an extremely Republican district in Ohio are a preview of what is to come. As I look at that quote above I think that is the main thing that has them worried is that this district was drawn for a Republican to win. They drew many districts like this and having challengers in many of them this year means we have a chance. I would like to remind the Democrats in HD 48 that it's not won yet and to keep up the great work.


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